Drafting of legal opinions and social media policies, both internal and external, assistance in the management and protection of online reputation, enforcement of the right to be forgotten.

The Firm’s professionals take pride in their long-standing experience with respect to the legislation on the digitalization of administrative activities and offer legal advice and assistance to public administrations and their suppliers in these matters.

In particular, the Firm’s professionals can provide services such as

  • legal advice and assistance in the development and realization of projects for the dematerialization of documents and storage and archiving;
  • legal advice in the development of e-government and open government projects (Code of Digital Administration, Open Data, etc.);
  • assistance in the fulfillment of transparency and anti-bribery requirements;
  • legal advice in the development of software systems, IT solutions and cloud computing services for public administrations;
  • legal advice with respect to public administration websites;
  • legal advice with respect to data security and public administration systems;
  • assessment of legal compliance of institutional online communications;
  • assistance in the fulfillment of transparency requirements;
  • preparation of regulations, programs and forms;
  • drafting and revising tender documentation and contracts for the supply of IT and cloud computing good and services;
  • training and refreshment courses for the staff of national, regional and local public administrations with respect to the legal obligations under the current legislation.

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