Legal advice and assistance in matters of cybercrimes, protection of online reputation and liability under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, defense investigation.

Helped by a network of highly qualified consultants and outside collaborators, E-Lex offers judicial assistance and advice in matters of cybercrimes, protection of online reputation and cyber-frauds.

The Firm provides highly specialized legal services, such as judicial and out-of-court assistance, with respect to:

  • cyber-frauds;
  • electronic document forgery;
  • damage to data and computer software systems;
  • abusive access to a third-party’s information system;
  • unauthorized reproduction of protected software systems;
  • unauthorized interception of communications.

With regard to crimes against reputation, the Firm’s professionals deal with:

  • out-of-court assistance concerning the removal of libelous contents;
  • on-going assistance in proceedings aimed at obtaining the removal of libelous and injurious contents;
  • performance of defense investigations;
  • drafting of petitions and complaints as well as bringing a civil action in a criminal proceeding;
  • instituting civil proceedings aimed at obtaining compensation for damages.

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