This Week in Italy No. 8 – The Court of Rome on YouTube case

The case RTI / Mediaset v. YouTube is drawing to conclusion. On 2008 , RTI sued YouTube before the Court of Rome, asking the latter to be condemned to a compensation of 500 million euro (an amount duplicated in the course of the judgment). According to RTI, YouTube has infringed its copyrights by allowing the publication of thousands of pieces of RTI’s TV programs.

Reliable rumors stand on the opinion that Google will lose the case. However, as for the amount required, a decree issued on February 14 by the Court of Rome, which is competence for the case, has chilled RTI’s expectations.

In fact, the Court is analyzing whether RTI sent to YouTube a notification (or rather a cease and desist letter) asking for the removal of each single video. The request of the judge, which recalls the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice, could substantially limit the amount of the compensation due to RTI.